Friday, March 21, 2014

Make Money with Cashback Shopping & Get Free Stuff at Walmart!

Last week, Walmart and TopCashBack got together to offer free Bounce dryer sheets.  (I imagine Bounce was a part of this promotion as well.)  You simply ordered Bounce dryer sheets online (clicking through from TopCashBack) for $4.97 and elected to have the Bounce shipped to the store.  You received $5.50 cashback from TopCashBack (enough to cover any taxes) and received the Bounce dryer sheets for free. As it turned out, my taxes were less, so I actually got the dryer sheets for free and made about $0.30 on the deal.

As I went to Walmart yesterday and dealt with the inefficiency that is their site to store process, I was going to bemoan the fact that free dryer sheets at $0.30 was not worth my time.  What seemed like a great promotional campaign for Walmart--show off how easy their site to store process is and get people in the store to possibly buy more.  The costs are probably limited as they may be offset by Bounce (who gets users to try their new "Free & Sensitive" dryer sheets and TopCashBack may have chipped in too.  For everyone, including me, it should be a win-win.

Unfortunately, for me it was a frustrating experience.  First, you get into the store and there's no indication as to where the site to store section is.  I ask an employee who tells me "in the back, near electronics."  That makes sense, Walmart wants you to walk through the store, see their low prices and buy more that what you had shipped to the store.  However, there's no electronics.  There's "entertainment" but no indication that that is where the "site to store" pick-up is.  So I keep walking and find a section--perfect! Until I get there, no one is there, and then am notified by an employee walking by that it's in the "electronics" section.  I figure, ok they're all just calling "entertainment" "electronics" (which they were).  I get there and wait in line as the man behind the register is painfully slow to get another person's site to store item.  When it's finally my turn he has to check my e-mail, check my ID, go in the back, take forever to find my item, and then I sign a receipt.  In all of this time I could've found the dryer sheets myself, hit up the self-checkout and been out of there in less time!  There's also less verification to pick-up things at FedEx!  So after this experience I was going to swear off "site to store" by Walmart and tell them it was a failed experience, until....

Today, I discovered Walmart and TopCashBack are doing another promotion and that's to get the Frozen DVD for free.  (Who am I to pass up a free Disney DVD? It saves me the cost of renting it!)  You simply sign up for TopCashBack here and then search Walmart and click the orange cash back button.  You can read the instructions for the promotion on the page, but essentially you click the large, orange "get cash back now" button and either purchase the regular DVD for $14.96 (and you will get $17.00 cash back) or the Blu-Ray for $19.96 (and you will get $22.00 cash back).  The extra money is to cover taxes.  You then select to have the DVD picked up at the store or a local FedEx Office location.  Therefore, shipping is free.  I ordered the regular DVD (the Blu-Ray was sold out) and my total cost was $15.91 so in addition to getting the DVD for free, I'll get an extra $1.09 cash back.  Not a bad deal!  If you want to get in on this deal, hurry up because it's only good today (3/21/14)!

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