Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Extra Bux

Extrabux is another awesome cash back shopping site that offers up to 30% cash back at hundreds of online retailers.  Extrabux will also give you $5 just for signing up!

In order to earn cash back with Extrabux, you click through to your online retailer from the Extrabux site and shop/make a purchase as you typically would.  Extrabux will verify the purchase with the retailer and give you cash back for whatever you bought.  If for some reason the "click through" didn't automatically register on Extrabux, you can also manually input any purchases you made through retailers through ExtrabuxExtrabux will again verify the purchase with the retailer and place your earnings in your "pending earnings" section.

All cash back earnings remain "pending" until Extrabux is paid by the retailer.  Once your earnings have been "released" you can request payment from Extrabux by Paypal, check, as a credit to a credit card, or donate your earnings to charity.  In order to request payment, you must have at least $10 in available earnings and $5 in confirmed purchase earnings.

You may ask what "confirmed purchase earnings" means.  Well it means the cash back you've earned from retailers--which isn't the only way to make money with Extrabux. In addition to giving you cash back for your online purchases, Extrabux will also pay you $5 for every new member you refer and they will give you 5% of all of your referrals' earnings.

A few examples of online retailers that you can earn cash back through from Extrabux include:
  • Macy's (8%)
  • Amazon (3%)
  • (8%)
  • GNC (8%)
  • Nordstrom (4%)
  • Sephora (4%)
  • Victoria's Secret (3%)
  • Walgreens (8%)
  • Saks Fifth Ave (5%)
  • AVG (20%)
  • Bloomingdale's (8%)
  • Groupon (8%)
  • Beachbody (4%)
  • Bluefly (8%)
  • Goldstar (40%)
Extrabux also has a "Hot Deals" section where they will let you know the latest sales, coupons, and deals for all of their online retailers.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up for Extrabux now!

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